Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange But True: Bacon Flavored Vodka

Photo via Bakon Vodka

My family and I had a delightful Easter brunch yesterday! The french toast, the eggs, the hash browns, the bacon vodka...what? Yes, bacon flavored vodka. When we sat down at the table I noticed a display on the table advertising the different cocktails offered for brunch. There were the usual suspects...mimosas and bellinis but there was also a bacon bloody mary made with bacon vodka. I immediately pictured little pigs basking in the sun sipping on vodka martinis. How else would they get bacon vodka? Clearly I'm not a vegetarian and I LOVE bacon. However, the jury is still out on this vodka. We did not try this drink as the price tag made it a tad unappealing but I did put it on my list of things to try one day. You can see even more bacon vodka recipes here!

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