Friday, May 20, 2011

Tasty Beverage: The Watermelon Edition

It's time  to cool off with a refreshing cocktail and what's more summer than a juicy watermelon! These cocktails are super easy to prepare and they look so pretty.

Images via TasteSpotting

You can even serve the drinks from the watermelon! You know what that means...less dishes AND you look like a superstar. Check out this tutorial  and buy the supplies here .

For a fun non-alcoholic option, freeze melon balls and add to ice tea with a drizzle of simple syrup. Ahhh! Summer never tasted so good.
If you still have melon left  after the party, throw it in a bowl with some chopped prosciutto and mint. Sprinkle with salt and you have a great breakfast. Exactly what you need after your night of entertaining. Kick back, relax, and enjoy! You deserve it!
Not sure how to pick the perfect watermelon? Check out these helpful tips.

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