Thursday, June 23, 2011

Party Game On: Bocce Ball!

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It's time to take the party outside with a friendly game of Bocce Ball. If you have never heard of Bocce Ball, think of it as an Italian version of lawn bowling. My hubby and I were driving down the Pacific Coast highway on our way to Napa Valley when we happened upon this fabulous little Italian Restaurant. We didn't have any intention of eating but felt compelled to stop to find out why so many people were gathered outside. Turns out, there was a Bocce Ball tournament going on! What fun! Teams of people were sitting around tables, snacking on yummy food and sipping wine all while cheering each other on in a lively game of Bocce. We had both played Bocce before but this took it to a whole new and entertaining level! Seemed like the perfect set-up for an evening with friends and family.
Here are the rules in a nut-shell.
You throw one little ball called the pallino down the "court" aka the lawn. Then each team takes turns trying to toss their Bocce Ball as close to the pallino as possible. When all the Bocce balls have been thrown, the team closest to the pallino gets a point for that ball and any others that are closer than the opposing team. Still fuzzy on the directions? Check out the super official rules here.
Here are some very stylish Bocce Ball sets to get you started!

Pottery Barn

Uncommon Goods

Restoration Hardware

LL Bean
Party On!

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