Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RecipEASY: Frozen Grapes!

Image via Stylish Cuisine
Can you call something a recipe even if it only has one ingredient? It has two steps...very simple I thought I could let it slide. Thankfully it has cooled off slightly around here but the sun is still shining and the pool is still calling my name. That means that I'm also craving refreshing and healthy summertime snacks. This particular snack recipe couldn't get any simpler...frozen grapes! Yep,  that's it. So simple but so simply delicious. Step 1 wash grapes (the red ones are better). Step 2 place grapes in freezer. You can even go one step further and up the summer fun quotient by soaking the grapes in wine before freezing for mini sangrias. Just make sure you cut a slit in the grapes or poke a few holes in the skin before soaking. Happy Snacking!!

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