Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can-Do Food Presentation

Would you guess that bowl of soup came from a can??
Why is it that so many people feel like they have to cook an entire  meal from scratch in order to entertain their friends? It's no wonder so many people decide NOT to host parties. No one needs that kind of pressure! Especially when it's so easy to fake it! It's all in the presentation. Take my dinner a few nights ago. I wanted tortilla soup but didn't have the stuff to make it from scratch. No problemo! I did have a couple cans of soup in the cupboard. So, I heated the soup in the microwave and then I jazzed it up with some toppings. What I ended up with is a bowl of delicious soup that looks like it came from a restaurant. Check it out!

See! Does this look like it came from a can? I think not!  

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