Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No-Cook Mediterranean Dinner Party with Free Printables!

Summer is in full swing and the sun is providing plenty of heat! We don't need any help from the oven or the stove or even the grill. So, turn off the heat and turn up flavor with this no-cook menu for a delicious and easy Mediterranean style dinner party.
Start the meal with simple marinated chickpeas followed by a refreshing watermelon salad. The main course is a pita wrap featuring a store bought rotisserie chicken. Keep the cool coming with a coffee flavored fluff for dessert and wash it all down with a sangria spritzer that is sure to take the edge off this heat wave. Download the free shopping list and recipe cards below. Enjoy!


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  2. Wow! What a great article you have shared here. This No-Cook Mediterranean Dinner Party with Free Printables would be very helpful for me as I was also looking for such ideas for my birthday bash. Earlier I wanted to host this bash at one of the event halls for rent but now I think that a DIY house party is also a good idea.