Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dinner Party by Lonny Magazine

You all know that Lonny Magazine is one of my FAVORITE online publications! Every issue is filled to the brim with amazing eye-candy and great articles. The November-December issue was no exception! The Editor in Chief Michelle Adams put together a wonderful piece on throwing a dinner party that I just couldn't take my eyes off of. It even includes a detailed timeline for preparations leading up to the start of the event. One particular piece of advice I love..."a well choreographed seating plan can make a party." We don't often think about this level of detail when throwing a dinner party but one of the great things about getting together is meeting new people! Mix it up at the table and have people sit next to someone they might not have met before. Just make sure each person has a little something in common to prevent that awkward "we have nothing to talk about moment".

The other great thing about this article is the advice given by Chef Dan Kluger for hiring a caterer. I know most of us probably make our own food for a casual party but sometimes it's fun to hire a caterer so you can completely relax and enjoy the night. Some of Chef Dan's tips:
Find someone who's passionate, professional, and organized and who has previous experience.
Ask to see menus and pictures of dishes he or she has prepared in the past.

All images via Photos by Patrick Cline.

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