Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Time: Painted Napkins

image via Sugar and Charm
Here is a simple DIY from the lovely and talented Eden over at Sugar and Charm. With just a few simple tools you can create custom, monogrammed napkins for your next party! The possibilities are endless with this technique. You can find any number of stencils at the art store that you can use to jazz up your napkins or even your placemats and tablecloth. Use a little spray adhesive to adhere the stencil to the fabric. This will ensure you get a nice clean line. Have fun!

Linen cocktail napkins, washable fabric paint (so you can throw them in the washing machine), paint brush, stencil 

1. Either create your own stencil or buy one from the store
2. Tape the stencil to the cocktail napkin so it will stay in place as you paint
3. Using the fabric paint and paint brush... paint the inside of the stencil. 
4. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then remove the paper. Touch up the lines that might have leaked through. Let the paint dry completely before using.
Thank you Eden for this tutorial! Please check out Eden's blog Sugar and Charm. It's full of wonderful inspiration!

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