Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leftover Love!

When it comes to cooking for your party, it is definitely better to err on the side of too much food then too little. This almost always mean leftovers! I LOVE leftovers! It is so nice to be able to open up your fridge and find delicious homemade food starring back at  you. Why not give your guests this feeling by sending home the leftovers with them! Buy some cute take out containers and grab some plain labels to have on hand. When dinner is done, quietly pack up a few tasty treats for your guests. Then, when they open their fridge the next day, they will remember what a fabulous time they had the night before!
One of my absolutely favorite sources for cute take out containers is Garnish. The website is fabulous! They have SO many unique containers and they even show you  adorable ways to use them! Here are a few ideas that you can use for your leftovers..

All photos via ThinkGarnish.com

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